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Patient Satisfaction Survey

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AleraCare strives to offer you the best experience and deliver the best care possible to you. We value your opinion and request your feedback regarding your most recent clinic visit.

Very GoodGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
How would you rate the professionalism of AleraCare’s staff?
How respectful was your Healthcare Provider?
How well did your Healthcare Provider address questions about your medication and health?
How well did your Healthcare Provider listen to you during your appointment?
How well did your Healthcare Provider insert your IV (if applicable)?
How easy was it for you to schedule your next appointment during your clinic visit?
Very GoodGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
How convenient was it for you to go to this specific location for your treatment?
How clean and clutter free was the facility?
How professional was the appearance of the facility?
How comfortable was the facility (infusion chairs, amenities, etc.)?

AleraCare also wants to ensure your experience outside of our clinics and with our Patient Support Team are exceptional. Please provide feedback based on interactions via phone with AleraCare’s Patient Support Team.

Very GoodGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
How easy is it to get in touch with us by phone?
How easy was it to schedule an appointment?
How well did AleraCare work with your doctor to get you the medicine you needed?
Very GoodGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
How well were you explained how much your medicine would cost?
How well were you told what you needed to do to prepare for your appointment?
Very GoodGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
How friendly were the people you spoke with over the phone?
How respectful were the people you spoke with over the phone?
How well were your questions answered?
Very GoodGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
How was your overall experience interacting with AleraCare?

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to learning more about your experience.

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