More Than Just a Pharmacy

Our Specialty Pharmacy MedicoRx® offers a variety of customized and individually tailored services and therapies that are designed to help our customers live happier healthier lives.

We work closely with physicians, associated healthcare personnel, and patients to ensure proper drug selection, dosing, compliance, and outcomes.* Our exclusive Medication Therapy Management services provide ongoing monitoring of patients’ complete medical history as well as one-on-one counseling from our knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists to address patients’ questions and concerns about medications, their side effects, and any other matters that may arise throughout treatment.

Pharmacist in Charge (PIC): Vladimir Kiyanitsa, Pharm.D., licensed in CA.

*MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy can accept only original prescription drug orders from patients. Faxed prescriptions can be accepted only from prescribing practitioners.

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