Advancing Care. Enhancing Lives.

True continuity of clinical care.

Extending the provider’s care.

Our comprehensive services for infusion treatments extend beyond what is offered in hospital settings. We deliver a personalized approach to treatments that patients and physicians expect at an alternate site infusion suite. We specialize in infusion care delivery that can reduce hospital readmissions, lower costs and give patients their lives back with convenient solutions for care.

Seamless communication with referring clinicians and providers.

AleraCare sends clinical feedback immediately following each of your patients’ treatment appointments.

Referral Process

1. Intake Your Referral

2. Verify Benefits and Eligibility

3. Receive Authorization

4. Explore Financial Assistance

5. Consult Patient on Next Steps

6. Schedule Appointment

Team up with experts in the medications you prescribe.

AleraCare’s clinical team is trained in key treatments, to personalize each patient’s experience.

A safe environment for vulnerable patients.

A safe setting for immunocompromised patients, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive choice of biological infusion and injection treatments. Constant feedback with patients and referring clinicians helps us continually optimize the circle of care.